The WARPOWER series of sites take a unique, 'by-the-numbers', quick-reference approach to the current (2023) military capabilities of Australia, a Top 20 fighting force. Australia retains a critical placement in the Asia-Pacific region which is home to critical global trade routes. Operating under the shadow of a growing China, Australia has strengthened itself through procurement programs and reinforced ties with regional powers as well as the United States and Britain in an effort to head-off potential conflict.


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Service Branches

The fighting forces of Australia are collectively managed under the Australian Defence Force banner and encompasses three major branches of service: the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the Australian Army (AA), and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The defense force was founded on January 1st, 1901.

Material Suppliers

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Primary and Secondary military suppliers, be they direct or indirect, past and present.
Australian Airpower
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Australian Military Ranks
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